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Scientific research and communication

To preserve and manage natural habitats and their associated species, the study of the fauna and flora and the distribution of the obtained data are essential. The Cooperative’s scientific staff conduct surveys and monitoring of flora and fauna and has developed experience in italian and international research projects regarding species adapted to high altitudes (large carnivores, ungulates, grouse, butterflies, dragonflies and grasshoppers). The scientific knowledge built during these activities are then translated into environmental education programs and projects. Communication plays an important role in the Cooperative’s activity and it takes place during events, themed exhibitions, through the outfitting of nature trails and the production of information material (books, brochures).

Project and activities we are working on:

Terra Vi.VA Project

The Terra Vi.Va. project triggers a participatory process aimed at environmental and functional restoration of an emblematic terraced area of the Valle Antrona (Province of... Read More

BIOTER Project

Val Grande National Park and University of Bozen The project wants to evaluate the effect of the process of terraces abandonment on biodiversity of plants... Read More

Camera trapping Project

We are assessing the presence of mustelids (stone marten, pine marten, weasel, badger) inside the woodlands of Val Grande National Park using Acorn camera traps.