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About us

The Valgrande Società Cooperativa is a worker cooperative, created in 1993 by people who chose the mountains and the natural environment as a way of life and a place to work. It is most active in the Verbano Cusio Ossola area and the staff includes Nature Guides, The “Official Guides Val Grande National Park”, Mountain Guides, biologists, naturalists as well as many other employees. The Cooperative designs and implements professional services for: environmental education, scientific research, hiking, trekking, managing mountain facilities and performs naturalistic engineering works and environmental restoration.

Valgrande Società Cooperativa 

Registered Office
Locality Gabbio
28816 – Intragna

Administrative Office – Warehouse
Via alla Cartiera, 41
28923 – Verbania-Possaccio
Telephone. e Fax: +39.0323.402852
Mobile phone +39.368.201688

Water Museum Acquamondo
Via Umberto I, 39
28801, Cossogno
Telephone. e Fax: +39.0323.468506
Mobile phone +39.330.224528