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Water Museum Acquamondo

Water Museum Acquamondo is one of the visitors centre of the Val Grande National Park. Opened in 2003, this centre is water themed, and focuses both on the natural aspect as well as the influence of mankind. The Centre is divided into an exhibition with aquariums and plastic panels and a section equipped with labs and classrooms: three exposition rooms, a workshop with a microscopy-focused area, a room for animation and play-teaching and a conference room with 70 seats. In the aquarium and terrarium hall, the most characteristic species (including amphibians) and environments of the river, from source to mouth, are exhibited.


Terra Vi.VA Project

The Terra Vi.Va. project triggers a participatory process aimed at environmental and functional restoration of an emblematic terraced area of the Valle Antrona (Province of... Read More

BIOTER Project

Val Grande National Park and University of Bozen The project wants to evaluate the effect of the process of terraces abandonment on biodiversity of plants... Read More

Camera trapping Project

We are assessing the presence of mustelids (stone marten, pine marten, weasel, badger) inside the woodlands of Val Grande National Park using Acorn camera traps.


Opening hours:
Spring festivities: April 20th, 21st and 25th: Easter, Easter Monday April 25th from 15.00 until 18.30
May: Saturday, Sunday and holidays from 15.00 until 18.30
June: Saturday, Sunday and holidays from 15.00 until 18.30
July: Saturday and Sunday from 15.00 until 18.30
August: from Tuesday to Sunday from 15.00 until 18.30
September: Saturday and Sunday from 15.00 until 18.30
Christmas festivities: December 26th from 15.00 until 18.30

Entrance fee: € 2,00 (free for children up to 5 years old); openings on request for schools and organized groups.

Acquamondo Museum
Via Umberto I, 39
28801 Cossogno
Telephone number: +39.0323.468506
Mobile number: +39.330.224528