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Excursions, hiking and nature stays

The Cooperative works with Nature Guides, the group of the Official Guides of the Val Grande National Park, Mountain Guides and Touristic Guides; it plans, organizes and offers naturalistic excursions, sightseeing, “wilderness camps” and hiking in the valuable natural environment of ​​Verbano Cusio Ossola (VCO).
The VCO province is located in northern Piedmont between Lake Maggiore and the Pennine and Lepontine Alps; the difference in altitude between the lake and the mountainous area, which peaks with Monte Rosa at 4634 m, creates an incredible variety of environments, habitats and living organisms.
Parks and Reserves – Val Grande National Park, Ossola’s Protected Areas, Fondotoce Reserve and the Sacred Mounts Reserves – safeguard more than 30% of the area, offering visitors and hikers a wide variety of routes and places to discover.
The Cooperative provides visitors the necessary technical assistance, anthropological interpretation of the environmental characteristics of the area and performs consultation services and teaching in the context of professional courses (for Nature Guides, Environmental Operators, Tourist Guides).

Below excursions, trekking and nature stays we organise: