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hiking and nature stays

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day courses

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Trail construction and
environmental restoration


by the Cooperative Val Grande

BIOTER Project

Val Grande National Park and University of Bozen The project wants to evaluate the effect of the process of terraces abandonment on biodiversity of plants and butterflies in the area... Read More

Operated facilities

The Cooperative operates four facilities for environmental education activities, events and excursions.
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Environmental education in Acquamondo and in the Val Grande National Park

The Cooperative is active in the conception, design and implementation of environmental education activities, educational and creative workshops and didactics for schools of all levels.
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Environmental Education in the VCO area

The Cooperative, thanks to the environmental and cultural richness of the Verbano Cusio Ossola region, designs and implements didactics and environmental education activities in partnership with organizations, associations and individuals.
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Excursions, hiking and nature stays

The Cooperative works with Nature Guides, the group of the Official Guides of the Val Grande National Park, Mountain Guides and Touristic Guides; it plans, organizes and proposes naturalistic excursions, sightseeing, “wilderness camps” and hiking in the valuable natural environment of ​​Verbano Cusio Ossola (VCO).
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Trail construction and environmental restoration

With eco-friendly criteria and collaborating in the design of interventions, the Cooperative has been operating for over 20 years in the field of restoration, maintenance and construction of nature trails, historic streets, ancient mule tracks and artifacts.
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Scientific research and communication

To preserve and manage natural habitats and their species, the study of the fauna and flora and the distribution of the obtained results are essential.
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