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dalla Cooperativa Valgrande

Marmots and High Alpine species of Devero Natural Park


May to November 2020

A great choice for everyone: families with kids, elder naturalists, hikers, young naturalist and photographers that want to explore the Alps and observe the biodiversity richness

Details of hiking

Itinerary: depending on the season and your training level

Lenght: from 5 to 15 Km and from 2 to 6 hours (excluding breaks)

Difference in altitude: from 250 to 600 m

Difficulty: Easy to Moderate

This Alpine Hiking Safari is organized one of the oldest natural park of Piedmont Region, the Natural Park of Alpe Devero. We will walk across alpine pastures, larch forest, peat bogs and small lakes looking for newts, butterflies, dragonflies and wild ungulates (chamois, red deer and roedeer) which we hope to spot in the late afternoon.

Some of the species present in this area:

RED DEER (Cervus elaphus)

ROE DEER (Capreolus capreolus)

CHAMOIS (Rupicapra rupicapra)

IBEX (Capra ibex)

ALPIN MARMOT (Marmota marmota)

ALPINE NEWT (Ichthyosaura alpestris)

WILLOW TIT (Poecile montanus)

COAL TIT (Periparus ater)

BLACK GROUSE (Tetrao tetrix)

GOLDCREST (Regulus regulus)

COMMON HAWKER (Aeshna juncea),

ALPINE EMERALD (Somatochlora alpestris)


Guide service (insurance and naturalistic equipment included): 200,00 €

If you are interested send us an email to